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Your Trainers

PERFORMANCE offers a wide variety of trainers to fit each client's specific goals and personalities.
Contact a trainer from the list below - or - contact us at the studio, and we can select a trainer that will best fit your specific requirements.
  • Certified Personal Trainer - AFAA

  • Certified CPR/AED 

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - NSCA

  • Masters, Exercise Physiology

  • Certified CPR/AED 

  • Certified Personal Trainer - (NCCPT)

  • B.S. Kinesiology: Fitness, Health and Nutrition

  • Certified CPR/AED 

I grew up along the central coast of California and moved to San Diego to play collegiate football for SDSU. I graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology and became a personal trainer and manager at a unique local gym where I learned my craft of strength training.  After a successful 14 years of training in San Diego, my wife and I packed up our belongings and moved to the East Bay to raise our daughter closer to family.  This move has provided me with the opportunity to start my own personal training business called WillPower Fitness and I’m excited to offer my unique philosophy and training to our community.


My style of training is considered a hybrid of physical therapy and strength training. Using manual resistance allows for gentle rehabilitation yet builds on strengthening. This type of resistance training creates leaner muscle, stronger connective tissue and increased flexibility. 


Typically when people think of a personal trainer, they immediately imagine a person guiding them through exercises with machines and weights.  However, my training is very unique.  Although I may incorporate weights into my training, I often become your “machine” by using my body to control resistance.  This allows for a more efficient way to challenge your muscles, working around any limitation you may have. I have extensive experience safely training individuals with arthritis, rotator cuff tendonitis, joint/hip replacements, and low back pain.  I adapt the pace and program to benefit your comfort, helping you achieve your goals.  Maintaining your muscular strength and endurance allows you to have a better quality of life, whether it involves keeping up with your grandkids, traveling across the country, or playing a better round of golf.  I am confident I can customize a fitness program that works for you!




  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)

  • Sports Nutrition Specialist (ACE)

  • TRX, SuspensionTrainer

  • Marathon Training Coach

  • Certified CPR/AED 


I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. I have been actively instructing classes & training clients at numerous fitness facilities in the Bay Area for over twenty years. I have specific training in TRX, Core Strength & Conditioning, Balance-Stability & Flexibility, Functional & Sports Specific Training, Exerball/tubing & Bosu. I have coached track for Miramonte High School and Orinda Intermediate School as well as led marathon training groups. Outside of fitness I am a mother of two teenage boys and live locally in Orinda. 

“I love to teach people that with hard work and dedication, you can make great changes at any age”. Watching body/mind transformations occur is what motivates me with training both myself and my clients. I have been a competitive athlete since my youth. After years as a gymnast, she moved into endurance training competing in triathlons and multiple marathons including Boston - finishing top in her division. I eventually felt ready for something new and decided to venture into the world of Figure Competition. I completely changed my diet and exercise program & started my personal mind/body transformation. I have consistently placed top three in all of my competitions and am now a nationally ranked Figure Athlete. “It’s rewarding to set goals for yourself & adjust your training, diet and mind set so that you can achieve them. I like to pass this school of thought on to my clients.”



  • Certified - Heart Zone Training Specialist

  • Certified Flexibility Technician -Maximum Performance International

  • Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Council (ACE)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

  • Member - American College of Sports Medicine

  • Certified CPR/AED 


  • Black LinkedIn Icon

Specializing in:


Once I got into working out, I was hooked. I had so much enthusiasm…enough to share with others. I feel deeply fulfilled bringing fitness and all its myriad of benefits into my client’s lives, in a safe and effective manner. Being a Personal Trainer is clearly an important part of why I've been put on the planet…it gives me a tremendous sense of purpose.


Some of my career highlights so far have included earning the title “Trainer of The Month” at New York City’s elite Upper East Side club, Casa Specialized Private Fitness. Celebrity members of Casa included Cindy Crawford and Matt Lauer. I have also been featured in Shape Magazine’s “target training” articles in April and October of 2006. 


I completed the transpersonal psychology Master’s program at John F. Kennedy University in September, 2007. I combine my education in this field with my Personal Training expertise to help people achieve their goals and transform their lives, taking into account mind, body, and spirit.


My training philosophy combines modern functional training with more traditional, classic fitness modalities. I carefully guide clients to the best shape of their lives and teach them how to maintain it.


Now, as a mother of 2, I have tremendous compassion for other moms in need of time saving yet effective fitness programs to help better balance their lives and prioritize self-care. I now offer online program design, so that busy moms with crazy schedules can order a customized program delivered via email that can be completed anywhere. I can help find a solution no matter how time pressed your busy life may be.




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  • B.S. Exercise & Sport Science, University of Utah

  • Health Fitness Specialist, American College of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Level 1 TRX Suspension Trainer

  • Certified Level 2 TRX Sports Medicine

  • Certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor

  • Certified CPR/AED 


It was at my last duty station when I was in the gym helping some soldiers with resistance training to improve their scores on their Army Physical Fitness Test, that I realized how much I enjoyed teaching.  I love introducing new challenges to the mind and body.  After my 7-year career in the Army, I finished up a degree in Exercise & Sport Science at the University of Utah.  I was able to combine my two joys of teaching and anatomy by being a teaching assistant in the Anatomy Lab.  My passion continued with 2 years of teaching Water Aerobics, Indoor Cycling, and Resistance Training Classes.  I moved to the Bay Area in 2009 where I continue sharing my passion for teaching Indoor Cycling, Personal Training, Small Group Training, and TRX Instruction.


Small Group Training and Personal Training can build a bond similar to the camaraderie between soldiers.  It is a relationship built by hard work and working towards a common purpose. 


Our bodies are amazing machines.  If you create a mind-body connection, then you will have an intelligent machine.  I have witnessed my clients accomplishing this connection.  My clients have had some amazing accomplishments (just to name a few):  Triathlons, Marathons, Hiking Half-Dome, Feeling Fit and Strong Throughout Pregnancy, Feeling Energized for Grandchildren, Reversing Osteoporosis, Recovering From Hip Replacement, Recovering From Injury/Surgery, Reducing the Amount of Medications, Century Rides, Obstacle Course Racing... 

What will your intelligent machine accomplish?




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  • B.A. Liberal Studies and Child Development

  • Certified CrossFit®, Level 1 Coach

  • Certified CrossFit®, Movement and Mobility Level 1

  • Certified CPR/AED

  • Black Instagram Icon
  • B.A. Kinesiology: Health & Human Performance

  • ACSM, Certified Exercise Physiologist


  • NASM, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

  • NASM, Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)

  • Female Health & Performance Specialist (FHPS)

  • TRX, Suspension Trainer 

  • TRX, Level 2 Sports Medicine Trainer 

  • CrossFit, Level 1 Trainer 

  • Certified CPR/AED 


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  • Certifiable


I am NOT a trainer. I am however, very passionate about keeping my body and mind fit as I age.


Together with Greg Francisco, we reopened this studio with a new name and a drive to make it the ideal facility for like-minded, goal oriented trainers and clients to congregate. I believe we have been successful. Please let us know if you agree, as well as provide us with any we can make PERFORMANCE even better. After all, we built it for just one reason...YOU, the client.


In 2014 my wife, Pam and I started a non-profit we call pads4pets. We have been taking donations of used and unwanted yoga mats and repurposing them for the many homeless animals and their human caregivers in San Francisco. To date, pads4pets has distributed over 400 pads to very deserving four legged friends. 




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